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Milbemax for cats and dogs

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Product information

What is Milbemax used for in pets?

Milbemax is used to protect dogs and cats from a range of parasites, including roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms and whipworms. It can also be used for the prevention of flea infestations. Milbemax is available only with a prescription from your veterinarian.

How does Milbemax work?

Milbemax works by preventing the eggs and larvae of parasites from developing. It does this by disrupting the life cycle of the parasites, which prevents them from maturing into adults. In addition to killing adult worms, Milbemax also destroys the intermediate stages in their lifecycles, which makes it effective at preventing re-infestation and further spread of the parasites.

What dosage of Milbemax is right for my pet?

The dose of Milbemax for your pet will depend on your pet's size, age, and weight. Always follow the directions provided by your veterinarian when administering this medication. Overdosing can have serious consequences and should be avoided at all costs.

What are the side effects of Milbemax?

The most common side effects of Milbemax are vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy and loss of appetite. Other less serious side effects may include itching or skin irritation. If your pet experiences any of these symptoms, contact your veterinarian right away for advice.

Is there a non-prescription alternative for Milbemax?

Yes, there are several non-prescription alternatives to Milbemax. However, these products are generally less potent than prescription medication and may not be as effective at controlling parasites. As with any medication, discuss your pet's specific needs with your veterinarian before selecting a product.

How do I order Milbemax for my pet at HealthExpress?

If you have a vet prescription for Milbemax, you can order it at HealthExpress at a competitive price. Just go to the top of this page and select the correct dose and quantity before going to checkout.

Once you have placed the order, you will receive instructions on how to send us your pet's prescription. As soon as we have received the prescription, we will send the medication to your address from our pharmacy.

What is the price of Milbemax for pets?

The price of Milbemax for dogs and cats will vary depending on the formulation, dosage and quantity prescribed by your vet. Milbemax from HealthExpress is competitively priced, and you are unlikely to find it cheaper elsewhere.

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23,797 Reviews
12 Apr

Overall it was a good service, I got my medication next day and was kept up to date. The only thing that surprised me was a very limited expiry date 6 months I think. I really think it should be at least a year. Just in case you need the medication again after it's intended use.


12 Apr

Clear concise questionnaire. Prompt decision and delivery.

Susie Norton

12 Apr

Fast delivery an is working well so far

Donna Westall

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