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Our score 4.7 ‘Excellent’ 22,188 patient reviews Prescription required - send to us by post
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Toy dogs: 4.4-9.9 lbs (2.0-4.5 kgs)
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1 pipette (£44.99)
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Product information

What is Bravecto used for in dogs and cats?

Bravecto is a prescription-only veterinary medicine used to treat and prevent flea and tick infestations in dogs and cats. It also provides an effective treatment for demodicosis and sarcoptic mange infestation. Bravecto helps protect pets from a range of harmful parasites such as castor bean ticks, ornate dog ticks, and brown dog ticks. It is important to note that Bravecto does not protect against all ticks, so it should be used as part of a regular flea and tick preventative program.

How does Bravecto work?

Bravecto work by attacking flea and tick infestations at their source. Once administered, Bravecto spreads throughout the pet's body to create a protective 'barrier' against parasites. This barrier helps to kill existing fleas and ticks as well as prevent new ones from attaching to your pet. Bravecto must be administered every 12 weeks to maintain this protection.

Is Bravector safe for my pet?

Yes, Bravecto is safe for use in pets. Bravecto has been extensively tested and proven effective against flea and tick infestations. As with any medication, consult your veterinarian before starting a preventative program or administering Bravecto.

What are the side effects of Bravecto?

Most pets do not experience any side effects when taking Bravecto. However, some pets may experience mild digestive side effects such as vomiting or diarrhoea. Contact your veterinarian immediately if your pet experiences any side effects while taking Bravecto.

Can I buy Bravecto chewable tablets and spot-on solution without a vet's prescription in the UK?

Bravecto is a prescription medication so it must be prescribed by a vet for pet use. Once a prescription has been issued, Bravecto can be purchased from either the vet clinic or a pharmacy. Online pharmacies such as HealthExpress accept vet prescriptions, so you can order your pet's Bravecto treatment conveniently online at an affordable price.

How do I order Bravecto chews for my pet at HealthExpress?

When you have a prescription from your vet, select the prescribed dosage and quantity and place the order online. You will then need to post your pet's prescription to us. Once we have received your prescription, the details will be checked by our pharmacist and the treatment sent to your chosen address.

Check out our frequently asked questions (FAQs) page if you have additional questions about ordering medicines for your pet(s) online.

How much is Bravecto for pets?

The cost of Bravecto for your pet will depend on the required dose, quantity, and where you buy it from. You can typically get it for a better price if you buy it from a pharmacy than if you get it from the vet. Online pharmacies advertise their prices, and you typically won't find it cheaper than from an online provider, such as HealthExpress.

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