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Tetracycline for pets

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Product information

What is Tetracycline used for in pets?

Tetracycline is most commonly used to treat bacterial infections in dogs and cats, including respiratory infections of the sinuses, wound infections, pneumonia, and infections of the blood cells. It may also be prescribed by your pet's veterinarian for additional reasons. You should always follow the advice of the veterinarian.

Can Tetracycline be taken safely by my pet?

Although Tetracycline being a Prescription Only Medicine commonly prescribed for human use, it can be used safely in animals if prescribed by a veterinarian. You should never give human medicine to your pet if not by a veterinarian's instructions. The correct dose and usage should also be provided by the prescribing vet.

How do I give Tetracycline to my pet?

Tetracycline comes in tablet form and is commonly given orally, with or without food. Give the dose and quantity exactly as prescribed. The duration of treatment will depend on the condition being treated and how your pet responds to the medication, so make sure you follow the advice given by the prescribing vet.

Can I buy Tetracycline for my pet at HealthExpress?

Yes. However, as it is a prescription only medicine, you will need a prescription from your pet's veterinarian first. Once you have a valid prescription for your pet, you can buy Tetracycline for your pet from HealthExpress.

How much is Tetracycline for animals?

The cost of Tetracycline will depend on where you chose to buy it from. Typically, the cheapest option is to buy Tetracycline for your pet from a pharmacy. Online pharmacies, such as HealthExpress, will typically have fixed prices that are clearly visible. HealthExpress offers competitive prices, and you can always view up-to-date prices at the top of this page (as long as the treatment is in stock).

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