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Hydrocortisone for dogs and cats

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Product information

What is Hydrocortisone used for in pets?

Hydrocortisone is a steroid used in pets for the same reasons it is prescribed for humans. In pets, it can be prescribed to treat itching, swelling and redness associated with skin allergies or irritation caused by insect bites, cuts, and scrapes. Other uses of hydrocortisone in pets include treating inflammation from arthritis, reducing coughing associated with respiratory infections, and relieving the itchiness of certain skin conditions. Hydrocortisone should only be used in pets with a valid prescription from a vet to ensure it is used correctly and safely.

Can human Hydrocortisone cream be used on my dog or cat?

Yes, human hydrocortisone cream can be used on animals under special circumstances. A veterinarian must prescribe the medication and provide instructions for its use. Hydrocortisone should never be given to an animal without a valid prescription from a vet, as it can have serious side effects.

What is the dosage of Hydrocortisone for dogs and cats?

The dosage of Hydrocortisone for dogs and cats can vary depending on the condition being treated, the animal's size and weight, as well as other factors. You must follow your vet's instructions for dosing carefully. Generally speaking, a topical cream can be applied once or twice daily using a gentle massage motion until the symptoms subside. Oral hydrocortisone can be given once a day or in divided doses depending on your vet's instructions. As with any medication, never give more than prescribed and do not stop using hydrocortisone without speaking to your vet first.

How do I give my pet hydrocortisone?

When giving your pet hydrocortisone, you must follow the instructions provided by your vet. It can be applied topically as a cream or ointment, taken orally in pill form (tablets or capsules), given intravenously (IV) through an injection, or administered rectally as an enema. The exact application method can vary depending on the type and severity of the condition being treated. For example, tablets can be given orally with or without food, whereas cream can be applied directly to the affected skin area several times a day. Use exactly as your vet prescribes, and do not give more hydrocortisone than recommended.

What are the side effects of hydrocortisone in pets?

Just like with humans, pets can experience side effects from hydrocortisone. Possible side effects could include skin reactions in the treatment area. Long-term use may result in side effects like fragile skin, tiny skin lumps, and blackheads. Contact your vet if any of these side effects occur.

Can you buy Hydrocortisone for a dog or cat online?

Yes, hydrocortisone is available online if you have a valid veterinary prescription. However, only give hydrocortisone to your pet if your vet has advised you. Always purchase from a reputable company when buying Hydrocortisone for your pet online.

How do I order Hydrocortisone for my pet at HealthExpress?

If you have a prescription from your pet's veterinarian for Hydrocortisone, you can order it at HealthExpress at a competitive price. Just go to the top of this page and select the correct dose and quantity before going to checkout.

Once you have completed placing the order, you will receive instructions on how to send us your pet's prescription. As soon as we have received the prescription, the medication will be sent to your address from our pharmacy.

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12 Apr

Overall it was a good service, I got my medication next day and was kept up to date. The only thing that surprised me was a very limited expiry date 6 months I think. I really think it should be at least a year. Just in case you need the medication again after it's intended use.


12 Apr

Clear concise questionnaire. Prompt decision and delivery.

Susie Norton

12 Apr

Fast delivery an is working well so far

Donna Westall

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