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Flixotide for pets

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Product information

What is Flixotide used for in pets?

Flixotide is an inhaler that is used to treat asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory conditions in animals, as well as humans. It contains the active ingredient fluticasone, a type of medicine called a corticosteroid. Corticosteroids (steroids), when inhaled, reduce swelling in the airways, which in turn will reduce symptoms of asthma and other respiratory complications.

Is Flixotide for animals the same as for humans?

Yes, Flixotide for animals is the same medicine as Flixotide for humans. However, your pet should only be given Flixotide if specifically prescribed it by a veterinarian and will be administered differently.

What dosage of Flixotide is used in cats and dogs?

Flixotide is available as an Evohaler in the following dosages 50 mcg, 125 mcg and 250 mcg. The dose of Flixotide that has to be administered will depend on the pet's weight, condition and other factors so it's important to make sure you follow the dosage instructions provided by the veterinarian correctly and do not give more than directed.

How do I give my pet Flixotide?

Flixotide is given by inhalation using a special aerosol chamber (inhalation mask) designed for the type of animal (i.e cat or dog). Your vet will tell you the exact dosage and number of inhalations you need to administer to your pet.

What are the side effects of Flixotide?

Some animals may experience side effects when using Flixotide, such as coughing, sneezing, and vomiting. Tell your veterinarian if your pet experiences any side effects, as they may require additional treatment or a different medication. If your pet shows any other unusual side effects whilst taking this medication, contact your vet immediately.

How do I buy Flixotide for my pet?

Flixotide is available for purchase from online pharmacies (such as HealthExpress) with a prescription from your pet's veterinarian. You can also get Flixotide directly from the veterinarian clinic or a high street pharmacy. However, the price of Flixotide may be higher in one of those places.

How do I order Flixotide for my dog or cat at HealthExpress?

If you have a prescription from your pet's veterinarian for Flixotide, you can order it at HealthExpress at a competitive price. Just go to the top of this page, select the correct dose and quantity and go through to our checkout.

Once you have completed placing the order, you will see instructions on how you send us your pet's prescription. As soon as we have received the prescription, your pet's medicines will be on their way to your chosen delivery destination.

How much is Flixotide for animals?

The price of Flixotide for pets will vary depending on the dosage and quantity prescribed by your vet. Flixotide from HealthExpress is competitively priced and includes free delivery.

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